ONLINE IP: mc.deviantsmc.com

What is Technic:

The technic launcher platform provides new social game play additions to minecraft.
DeviantsMC has modified this technic launcher to enable
those who cannot purchase minecraft the ability to play
and endure endless hours of fun. The features of Technic
allow players to have easy modpack installations. In order to play cracked
technic multiplayer, the user must find a cracked technic server for their particular game modpack.

NOTE: You must have Java installed. If Java is not installed on your computer, then don't expect the technic cracked launcher to work, let alone even open. Please ensure that you have Java installed on your computer, if you don't have Java don't expect the cracked launcher to work, minecraft won't even open.
You may download Java from the official Java website here.

DeviantsMC Technic Launcher About & News

DeviantsMC is a tight-knit minecraft community that embraces cracked users
we enable cracked minecraft players to play any game mode such as regular vanilla minecraft or technic
For free through our modified cracked downloads. However, when you find yourself with the ability to purchase minecraft, then
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Minecraft is a game about placing blocks, but has now evolved to many gaming styles. We give players
of our cracked network the ability to unite and play some minecraft together, via various game modes.
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